Meet Sandra!
Nov 17, 2023

Meet Sandra, one of the young women in Coreluv's care in Haiti

Meet Sandra!

In March 2014, Coreluv’s founders, Mike and Mandy, were visiting an impoverished village in Haiti. As they were walking, they came upon a mud hut, and what they saw inside would change their lives forever.

In that hut, they found Sandra and her four siblings completely abandoned and severely malnourished. Sandra’s oldest sibling, Cassandra, was crippled, lying in her own waste on a dirt floor. This was the first time Mike and Mandy had ever experienced a situation like this.

That day, they rescued Sandra and her siblings (Cassandra, Inaida, Marjoritha, and Carl) and opened the Myan Children’s Village, where 14 orphans were able to receive their basic needs in a loving family.

Over time, God has brought healing and restoration to Sandra and her siblings. Now, you will find Sandra in a loving, Christ-centered home. She is receiving her needs, being educated, and growing up in the purposes and plans that God has for her!

Learn more about how you can provide sustaining care and the six basic needs for children like Sandra at coreluv.org/defender

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