Meet Wilson!
Nov 17, 2023

Meet Wilson, one of the children in Coreluv's care in Haiti

Meet Wilson!

In April 2015, we learned of an infant named Wilson, discovered near a drainage ditch. Later, we learned his mother had desperately attempted to end his life by forcing him to ingest Clorox bleach. But this was not God’s plan for Wilson’s life. Thank God somebody turned aside to help this baby! His rescuer brought Wilson to the authorities. They, in turn, brought him to our Myan Children’s Village, where this precious baby boy would receive proper care.

There was no question Wilson needed to join the Coreluv family in Myan, Haiti, where he would be loved and cared for. When he arrived, he was malnourished and slept a lot during the recovery phase. Slowly, over time, his body began to recover from the trauma and shock it had endured, and he began to heal and grow.

It’s been nothing short of a miracle to see Wilson grow up! From taking his first steps in 2016 to hearing him scream, “Ale! Ale! Ale!” (Go! Go! Go!) on the playground, to his first day of school in 2017. Today, Wilson has grown into an incredible young man. He has an adventurous spirit and loves to run. You will often find him chasing other kids around the children’s village, playing and exploring just like all boys should.

Please pray that God will continue healing and restoring Wilson and give him dreams about his God-ordained future!

Learn more about how you can provide sustaining care and the six basic needs for young adults like Wilson at coreluv.org/defender

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