Meet Yesamma!
Nov 17, 2023

Meet Yesamma, one of the children who attends one of Coreluv's feeding centers in South Asia

Meet Yesamma!

Yesamma is a young girl who has attended one of our feeding centers in South Asia for over two years. She has three sisters and one brother who also attends the feeding center. They are homeless and live in whatever shelter they can find. Yesamma’s father travels to hunt animals and fish in small canals to provide food for their growing family.

Because of your support, Yesamma and her siblings are able to receive daily nutritious meals from our Coreluv feeding center. They are also able to attend educational classes that we offer as well. And most of all, they are able to hear the gospel and learn their identity as sons and daughters of God.

Nearly 400 meals are provided daily for children like Yesamma and her siblings in South Asia!

We are so grateful for your partnership to bring the LUV of Jesus to orphans all around the world.

Learn more about how you can provide daily meals and educational classes for children like Yesamma at coreluv.org/defender

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