A Prized Posession
Nov 14, 2016

I’ve taken five trips to Haiti and love that each time I go, I get to develop deeper relationships with the children and get to know them more. On my trip during spring break, we were preparing a Bible lesson when God put a dream in my heart. I love that each mission team that comes to Haiti is able to share God’s word with the children in Coreluv’s care. Growing up, I’ve learned the importance of not only hearing God’s truth but also reading it for myself. As we headed out to share the lesson that day, Jake mentioned grabbing a Kreyol Bible for our translator to use. When he mentioned that, I began dreaming of what it would look like to raise money for the children to have a Bible to call their own, one that they could read from while they were hearing the Bible lesson.

I carried the dream back home with me and began mentioning the idea to family and friends. One of my friends encouraged me to act on this dream and to begin raising money for the Bibles.

Along with some family and friends, I created a t-shirt to help raise money and promoted the fundraiser through social media to help spread the word. In about a week and a half, all of the money was raised so that the children in Haiti could have a Bible to call their own! 

My next trip to Haiti was in August. This was such a special trip because I was able to take part in purchasing the Bibles and passing them out. I was so glad that the dream God gave me then turned into a reality.

I remember seeing a boy studying his Bible and singing along to the song book. He looked so happy and full of joy. I also remember seeing Marjorie, a young girl that helps at the orphanage, using the songbook to sing with some of the younger girls.

Several of the kids came and sang to me. I thought it was so special that they connected that I had a part in providing the Bibles for them. I saw how thankful they were.

My hope in raising the money for the bibles was that the children would read God’s word more consistently and have a deeper relationship with God because of it. I know that having a personal possession to keep forever is important and very special. I can’t think of a more prized possession to call your own than God’s word.

-Rachel Hodgdon

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