Remember Barbette? The Voodoo witch doctor who gave her life to Christ earlier this year? Read about what she’s up to today!
Dec 4, 2016

December is here and soon we will gather with our loved ones to celebrate Christ, the true miracle of Christmas. When I reflect upon such a great miracle, I can’t help but to reflect also upon the miracles that have occurred within Coreluv in 2016.

As I look back over the numerous things God has done through our ministry this year, one particular miracle stands out tremendously! Her name is Barbette!  

Barbette’s story was posted on our Coreluv Facebook page at the beginning of this year. To briefly recount, Barbette was the voodoo witch doctor who gave her life to Christ during our Coreluv Women’s Conference in Myan, Haiti last January where my sister in law, Heidi, ministered the word of God powerfully.

As a result, Barbette had an encounter with the one true God leading her to make a decision to live for Christ. It was then that Barbette was set free from witchcraft and no longer desired to lead others down the same path. Barbette even decided to burn her voodoo temple down.

I was blessed to be in Haiti when Barbette’s salvation occurred. It was definitely one of the most unforgettable encounters I’ve ever experienced!  That night, a team of us witnessed the light of Christ swallow up darkness before our very eyes and what remained was one of the most beautiful miracles I’ve seen: a soul saved!

As 2016 is wrapping up, I thought it would be appropriate to give you an update on how Barbette is doing today, almost ONE year later.

I have thought about Barbette often since her conversion last January.  To be completely honest, my thoughts had been ones of joy but also ones of concern.  For someone like Barbette, who came out of such an oppressive lifestyle such as practicing voodoo, I just imagined the pull for her to return would be strong. When I began to feel that way, I would also feel God prompting me to pray for her.

Many people have been praying for Barbette over the course of this year and I believe those prayers have given her the strength she needed to stay the course. I’m reminded of the parable of the farmer in Luke chapter 8. In order for a new Christian to stay in the race, their spiritual foundation would need to grow deep over time.

Coreluv’s prayer for Barbette has been that God would knit her so deeply in her new church family that through the strength of those relationships pointing her to Christ and His word, she’d grow stronger and stronger in her faith every day. And if hardships or persecution came, she’d be anchored tightly to the rock of her salvation; an unshakeable fortress tried and trusted! Those prayers have been answered so beautifully this year and for that, we are grateful!  

Since last January,

Barbette went on to be water baptized!  To God be the GLORY!!!

In addition to this, Barbette has attended Coreluv’s Church in Myan REGULARLY for the past year!  To God be the GLORY!!!

From time to time, Barbette sings on the worship team and also serves in our Coreluv medical clinic by translating when needed.

But one of my favorite things that is happening with Barbette now is that she is sharing her testimony with others to encourage them to turn away from darkness!

(Barbette sharing her testimony at the Myan revival during the summer.) Miracles still happen!!  To God be the GLORY!!!

Please join us in praying for Barbette. Pray for ongoing spiritual strength over her this new year and that God would continue to use her mightily!

Mandy Reiszner

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