Reminded of my call, to live for His cause.
Feb 19, 2017

There is no question God has called me to the ministry, and I am thankful to be the sixth generation of my family to be doing so. Coming from a rich heritage of living for Christ, I knew this was the path my life was headed down, but I didn’t know how God would choose to use me.

It was on my first mission trip, at thirteen years old, where God spoke to me about missions. He gave me the dream that missions could be His direction for me in this pursuit of ministry. After building a relationship with Mike and Mandy Reiszner, founders of Coreluv International, the Lord allowed me to be a part of the Coreluv Haiti Internship Program, when I was seventeen. During that time, God spoke to me again and said, “Remember that dream? I am calling you back to that.”

After returning home, I became more involved with Coreluv as an advocate. I served alongside the Coreluv stateside team until I joined the School of Missions Program. It was through the SOM Program that led me to now living in Haiti.

Honestly, all I expected to do when I got to Haiti was serve. I knew there wasn’t a specific job title for me, and didn’t know what that life in Haiti would entail, but was I ready to serve. I try to keep that mentality with everything. Whatever the task God calls me to, I am here to say “Yes.” I have learned to let God make the decisions for my life.

When I moved to Haiti for my first twelve-month assignment, there were a million things going through my head. It felt like a dream come true. A dream I had almost forgotten until the first time I came to Haiti. When I finally moved here, I felt at home. I knew I was living out my calling. I knew this is where I am supposed to be.

Are there struggles that come along with living a life of servant-hood in a third world country? Absolutely. It’s a true exercise of “dying to self daily.” Where I lack in areas such as adjusting to a new lifestyle, the struggles of comparison, trying to fill the footsteps of people who have come before me, and the obvious of missing my family back home, I find that God’s grace is sufficient.

Why do I Defend the Orphan? Each one of our children has a story of their own, but God used Celienne’s story, a child from our Coreluv Myan Children’s Village, to truly captivate my heart for the orphan. Hearing Celienne’s story and realizing what she has been through, the reality she lived in, gripped my heart to the burden of living out Isaiah 1:17. It has brought me joy to be able to watch God move in her life, as she continues to grow healthy and live a full, hopeful life.

During devotion, we are asked, “Where did you see Jesus today?” It’s easy to see Jesus. It’s a small moment of hope, joy, the smile on a child’s face, the connection of someone from a mission trip, and children being brothers and sisters. They are glimpses of Jesus shining through.

If you are thinking about joining a Coreluv mission trip, do it! At some point, we have to go. There is a change in your comfort zone, that shifts your focus. Who knows? You might be spoken to! That is how missions start. A small, quiet voice.

“Society cannot survive another generation of Christians who just fit in.” – Micah McGlory 

The words of McGlory encompass everything I feel called to do. We shouldn’t try to fit into the “American Church”. We are called to do great things, not coast by.  Even if you do not commit to Coreluv fully, do something. If we settle for average than we are like everyone else. So, how will you choose to Defend the Orphan?

Micah Ennis

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