Sharing What God Had Given
Mar 13, 2018

It had been years before I sensed that God was calling me back to the mission field. My husband and I always had a desire to bring our children with us on a mission trip. A dream I had pointed us in the direction of Haiti, and a friend shared that Coreluv does family mission trips. It was set. Our family of 7 would be going to Haiti.

Every short-term missionary knows that you start to get excited about what God wants to bring through you to the places He sends you. It doesn’t take long upon arrival before you realize that God is using the people and places to actually touch your life. I had forgotten about the Lord doing this amazing thing through missions.

I remember wanting to bring over the best Bible lessons for the kids at the orphanage. I was meticulous with planning the games to match each lesson so that the kids could remember the word of God. I was most excited about one lesson, “Being eager for the gifts that God has for us.” (1 Corinthians 12:31).

The game was the highlight! We put the kids into three teams and had them run after candy that was placed on a bench in front of them. Once they grabbed a piece, they ran back to their team so the next person could run. The point was to be enthusiastic about the things of God. When the game started, there was so much hustle and laughter in the room that it would make anyone’s heart smile. Because of some disabilities, not everyone could play the game, but we made sure everyone received a candy.

The lesson ended and it was time to hang out. I made my way outside and sat near two friends, Stamara and Emma. This was my moment when I stopped thinking of what I can bring to these kids and saw how they can touch my life.

Stamara was still holding her Starburst from the game. When she noticed Emma beside her, without hesitation she ripped off a piece of the tiny candy and gave some to Emma. Emma’s face shone with gratitude. To my recollection, Emma received a candy but that didn’t stop Stamara from sharing.

In that moment when I saw the little Starburst being torn into a tinier piece to share, I saw the heart of the Father in Stamara. To us, it was a measly piece of candy. Stamara knew she had enough to share. She didn’t even have to think about it! You see, that day Stamara taught me that there is always something to share that the Lord has given me.

What is something that God has given you to share? Is it a piece of your monthly income to help support one of the Coreluv Children’s Villages? Is it taking a trip to find out the name of one orphan? You will know, and when you do, it will change your perspective and maybe even change your life. I was blessed to see that Stamara understands that with the little she has, she knows she can still give.

Honored to Defend the Orphan,
Halie Wood, Coreluv Advocate

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