Use Your Gifts! A Lemonade Stand for Orphans
Nov 27, 2016

Our first trip with Coreluv was in December, 2013 and we wanted to do a project while in Haiti. We contacted the Coreluv team to ask what needed to be done and what we should bring. After receiving a reply, a friend, Terri Rice, suggested we do a lemonade/hot chocolate stand to allow friends and family to be part of our journey.

The stand was a success and we used the funds to purchase supplies and diapers.

Every year, we have continued to do a lemonade stand to support Coreluv. Our goal has never been financial. Instead, we are helping others be part of Coreluv and utilizing the our God-given gifts. Terri, for example, is gifted in encouraging others and getting them to support others.

As a result of the yearly lemonade stand, we have had great support from friends and neighbors. Anonymous donations have come in and our children have positively impacted others around them. We now have friends who sponsor and support Coreluv!

These miracles are something everyone can experience. Think of what makes you special. What are your gifts? Use them!

People want to help make real change in the world. If you create an opportunity for them to be part of something bigger than themselves, they will join you! You can be the spark they need to use their talents and gifts.

We will continue to do our lemonade stand for Coreluv and encourage you to do something as well.

–Kristine Leathers

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