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Sep 26, 2016

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved” – Mother Teresa

Family is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and yet it is easily taken for granted when we fail to appreciate the magnitude of the blessing it really is. To be part of a family is to feel at ease, and to experience peace simply because we belong. There is no greater feeling than knowing you are loved, no greater endearment than to truly be at home.

But, what about the hundred and fifty three million orphans in the world who may never experience this incredible sense of belonging, children who were dealt a harsh hand in life which resulted in an aftermath of loneliness and abandonment?  

My heart breaks to think of the poverty that occurs inside of a heart that has no home.  After all, each one is human just like me and they hurt just like I would.  I pray that God would raise up more mothers and fathers who are willing to extend their homes to those who otherwise may never experience the blessed entity of family. I’m convinced it’s the heart of God!

Over time God has given Coreluv much favor with the social services in Haiti. Because they have visited and seen first hand our commitment to provide orphans a loving home, they consistently bring children to us who have NO family unit. The stories of the children we’ve received from the social services in Haiti have been absolutely heartbreaking but our passion to see those children LOVED and provided for has intensified nonetheless.

Jakinda’s is one of those stories.  

She was found abandoned and living in a trash dump where she was forced to look for food and water.  When social services brought her to us she could not speak and would not allow anyone to get within a few feet from her without frantically screaming.  Abandonment and what appears to be abuse had taken it’s toll on this precious girl.

God RESCUED Jakinda that day and Coreluv is grateful that we were a part of His plan.

The love that Jakinda has received and the experience of belonging to her new family in Myan has healed her.  She now plays with the other children, smiles, and more and more we find her snuggling up close to us for a hug.

As a mother, I often think of ways to provide a family style atmosphere for the children God has entrusted us with.  Our Coreluv staff dreams and brainstorms about these things more than people know!!!  We are extremely excited about the new orphanage facility being built in Maissade, Haiti.  Our love for the 40 orphans there and our passion to see them experience FAMILY has influenced our vision behind this project.

The Maissade children’s village will consist of multiple duplex style family homes. Coreluv’s plan for these homes is to have a Haitian mom living in each one caring for her six to eight children.  This community model will further cultivate an atmosphere where love and family can flourish. Over the course of Coreluv’s existence in Haiti, God has connected us with many widows who now care for our children in Myan. We are believing Him for the same thing in Maissade! One day we dream of having house parents (both a mom and a dad) running our future homes.  Did you know that Coreluv employs over 100 full time Haitian staff members? Only God knows how many children those jobs may have prevented from becoming abandoned.  Many of our employees have solid families and all of them have hearts for orphans.  Can you see an adoption revolution happening within Haiti?  We can!!!

Would you commit to helping us make the Maissade orphanage as close to a family unit as we can?  My husband says often, “Building the homes are the easiest part but sustaining the daily needs of our children is the challenge.”  But it’s a challenge God miraculously meets through  faithful partners just like you!

We NEED YOU in order to provide the best quality care for each of these orphans.  Will you extend your heart and your finances to help us parent these children well?!  Together, we can provide those who have no other option with a LOVING HOME! For more information on how you can become a Coreluv Orphan Care Partner, please click here

–Mandy Reiszner

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