Where did you see Jesus today?
Aug 15, 2016

Where did you see Jesus today?

Before we introduce our mission teams to any of the children or staff in Myan, we walk up a hill that overlooks our property, which we’ve called “prayer hill.” On the hill, we share the vision and story of Coreluv, as team members gaze upon God’s work. We offer each team member the opportunity to pray over the things seen and unseen.

As we led a recent team up the hill, the scenery of the Myan Health Center, Myan School, and Myan Children’s Village were not the only things that took our breath away that day. On this day, we found Mama Amarante, a nanny from the Myan Children’s Village, passionately praying for the health of the children entrusted to Coreluv—her children! What a sight!

Where did you see Jesus today? 

This was a moment that I undoubtedly saw Jesus. A moment that I received a deeper glimpse into the heart of Mama Amarante and into what it meant to ask myself that question.

I was taken back by the sight of Mama Amarante praying as she interceded on her children’s behalf and believed God for healing in all things. As we ask ourselves where we see Jesus, I can’t help but think of all the ways Mama Amarante has seen Jesus throughout the course of her life. I can’t help but think of all the ways she is seeking to see Him more. Mama Amarante praying for her children’s health is one way that she is still seeking!

Where did you see Jesus today?

This question is one we pose each night during devotion. This question, though so simple to say, carries such great depth. As we go each night sharing where we saw Jesus through the scenery and encounters with others, many people often share that it is impossible not to see Jesus here in Haiti.

This is so true. It is impossible not to see Jesus here in Haiti. It is also impossible to not see Jesus wherever we are and whomever we are among! The scriptures say, “Where can we go from His spirit? Where can we flee from His presence? If we go to the depths or to the heights, He IS there!”  (Psalm 139:7-8). If we will have the eyes and heart to seek Him in all things, we WILL see Him!

His word promises that if we will seek, we will find. Keep searching, keep knocking, and you will SEE. Remember Mama Amarante atop the hill? The promise of seeing Jesus has been made known to her. In her passionate seeking, I was encouraged to pursue Jesus more. I think if we will intentionally look, we will see Him more than we can imagine. We will see Him right where we are. He is ever present in every situation!

So, where did you see Jesus today?

Written by Ashlynn Minshew

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