Children we feed

Over 400 every day

Partnered with Coreluv

August 25, 2016

South Asia Feeding Centers

Our feeding program in South Asia began by linking arms with someone we call a young “Mother Teresa.” Hena attended a missionary training school in South Asia and completed her fieldwork by serving in China’s mission field. God spoke clearly to Hena’s heart there that He needed her back in South Asia among her people. Hena especially felt a burden for the poor and untouchable children. After returning from China, Hena began faithfully gathering those children in impoverished villages and sharing the good news of Jesus with them with a small meal. Hena did not have the necessary resources to feed the children as she desired, but she remained faithful. It wasn’t long until Coreluv crossed paths with Hena, and she joined the Coreluv team, becoming our Coreluv representative in South Asia.

Today we feed over 400 children daily in four locations. Most of the children we feed are considered untouchable. In the past, their next meal was not promised. Now, through these programs, hundreds of beautiful children receive a daily nutritious meal they can count on! Hena gave those children what was in her hands, and God is doing miracles!

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