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Samaria Mission – South Asia

Pastor Subash and Ruth are people of prayer, and one year, as they prayed and fasted, God spoke to them individually about providing a home for the orphans in South Asia.  At that time all they had was a two small bedroom home, but they knew they heard God. Before they knew it, they had sixteen children sleeping side by side on the floor with more children still in need of being rescued. By God’s provisional hand, a connection was made with a church in the U.S. who desired to help them fulfill their mission. In 2009 the cornerstone for the property was laid, and construction for Samaria Mission began. In 2010 the first stage of the facility was completed, and the children had a new home where they would be fed, clothed, educated, and most importantly loved. Pastor Subash and Ruth were both orphans themselves, and they desired Samaria to be more than a place where orphans would live, but a place that would give them life!  Now children are being raised in an environment of passionate worship, prayer, and studying God’s Word and that is what has happened — they are no longer orphans living to survive but living to thrive. Graduates from Samaria have gone on to pursue an education in accounting, nursing, auto mechanics, hotel management and even culinary school.  These students are now leading productive lives and pointing others to the God and Savior that provided for them!  Samaria is impacting South Asia one orphan at a time and your support will make a difference. Coreluv is honored to partner with Pastor Sabash and Ruth. 

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