Double your donation and help us build a loving home for orphans in Honduras during Coreluv's May Match campaign!

Double your donation now!

Help us build a better future for children in Honduras.

Your gift will help build Phase 1 of the Cedros Children’s Village and support two feeding centers we are adopting in Honduras.

Buy a brick to help build a loving home for orphans in Honduras$10 (doubled to $20) buys two bricks to help build a loving home in Honduras

$50 (doubled to $100) provides 400 meals for children in Honduras

$3,200 (doubled to $6,400) provides housing for one orphaned child in Honduras

$16,000 (doubled to $32,000) builds a loving home for five orphaned children in Honduras

Multiply your impact

In addition to donating, here are a few other ways you can multiply your impact this May:

Create a Facebook fundraiser

It’s fast and easy to set up and doesn’t cost anything. Plus, you could earn a reward based on how much you raise!

Host an in-person fundraising event

Whether a lemonade stand or garage sale, use what’s in your hand and whatever you raise will be doubled in May!

Buy the brand-new Honduras shirt

Each “My Shirt Feeds Orphans” Honduras shirt provides 24 meals, doubled to 48 in May! Available in English and Spanish.

Discover the heart behind the children’s village we’re building in Honduras — watch our video now!

For the past 11 years, partners like you have invested during May Match. In Haiti, we have built two children’s villages, a school, and a hospital. We’re excited to do it again in Honduras! Your support will make a big difference and create a better future for children.

Build lives, communities, and futures by helping us build a loving children’s home in Honduras.

“Then I replied to them, ’The God of heaven is the one who will give us success, and we his servants are going to start building.’”

–Nehemiah 2:20a (NRSV)

This May, we are raising funds to build the Cedros Children’s Village in Honduras.


  • Four Loving Homes
    • Two boys’ homes and two girls’ homes
    • Each home holds 4-5 children
    • Staff/nanny bedroom
    • Living room, kitchenette, and bathrooms
  • Family Life Center
    • Playground and basketball court
    • Kitchen and laundry
    • Community center
    • Prayer and worship chapel
  • Administrative and Facilities Building
    • Maintenance
    • Garage
    • Equipment room
    • Administrative offices
    • Nurses station
Draft plans for the Coreluv Cedros Children's Village

Draft plans for the Cedros Children’s Village (subject to change)

Coreluv supports two feeding centers in Honduras that feed children from the community

We are also adopting two feeding centers in Honduras!

This May, we will also be adopting two feeding centers which serve children in the community. With each meal, these children are also presented with Bible teaching, worship, games, and more.

Double your impact today

Double your
impact today

Help build a loving home for orphans in Honduras!

Help build a loving home for orphans in Honduras!


Expanding into Houston!

After 12 years of ministry, Coreluv is excited to announce we are launching a local arm of orphan care in Houston. With thousands of children in the greater Houston area in foster care or awaiting adoption, God is opening doors for us to make a difference in our own backyard.

We are praying and believing God for a building in downtown Houston that will serve as headquarters and local missions base for our work to bring the LUV of Jesus to vulnerable children.

Many of you have walked the streets of our city with us sowing seeds of prayer. We can‘t wait to launch our local arm of ministry and bring transformation to children in need here in our city!

Downtown Houston, Texas

Help provide for children and staff in Haiti and South Asia

Double your impact this May and help provide the six basic needs for over 100 children in Haiti: clean water, proper food, healthcare, education, job skills, and a Christ-centered loving home. We also provide free, quality education for nearly 300 children.

Your support also helps provide salaries for our mamas and other staff who tirelessly and selflessly serve our children.


In South Asia, we feed nearly 400 children daily through our feeding centers, which also provide hygiene kits and educational classes. These basic needs provide a foundation for healing, growth, and transformation as we share the LUV of Jesus.

It is our greatest joy to introduce these children (many considered “untouchable” by their society) to their Heavenly Father.


Proper food is one of the six basic needs of orphans
Healthcare is one of the six basic needs
Education is one of the six basic needs of orphans
Job skills are one of the six basic needs of orphans
A Christ-centered loving home is one of the six basic needs of orphans

Double your impact today

Double your
impact today

Help build a loving home for orphans in Honduras!

Help build a loving home for orphans in Honduras!

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