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By laying down your time, money and talent to go and to love “the least of these”, you become an expression of God’s love for them. We welcome and encourage people with a passion for the nations and a love for the poor. Will you join us? 

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Honduras Mission Trips

About Honduras Mission Trips

Experience Honduras and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Serve children at local feeding centers, share the gospel with the community, and visit and pray over the future site of the Coreluv Cedros Children’s Village!

2024 Honduras Trip Dates

The following dates are available for mission trips to Honduras in 2024:

  • July 5-9 (soccer camp) 10 spots available
  • July 15-19 8 spots available 
  • August 2-6 12 spots available

Trips will be confirmed once we met a minimum number of trip goers for each trip. Fill out our trip interest form to let us know your availability and we’ll be in touch to finalize trip dates!

Coreluv Trip Signup Process
Mission Trip Goers on a Coreluv short-term missions trip to Honduras
Coreluv supports two feeding centers in Honduras that feed children from the community
Female tripgoer on a Coreluv missions trip to Honduras playing a game with children from the community

Haiti Mission Trips

About Haiti Mission Trips

Due to unrest, we have paused trips to Haiti at this time. Please join us in praying for Haiti — for stability to return, for safety for the people, and for peace.

Team posing for a group photo on a Coreluv mission trip to Haiti

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about trips to specific countries? See our Honduras Trip FAQs and Haiti Trip FAQs


How can I schedule a mission trip with Coreluv?

If you would like to sign up for a Coreluv mission trip, simply fill out our Trip Interest form, and someone from our team will get back to you with more information! They will be happy to answer any additional questions you have regarding short-term mission trips.


How can volunteers connect with the children, staff, and country on different levels?

Volunteers have various opportunities to establish connections with the children, staff, and country on different levels. Firstly, by recognizing and utilizing individual gifts and abilities within the volunteer group, each short-term mission trip can be personalized to create meaningful interactions. Engaging in open communication and spending quality time with the children, as well as the staff, fosters emotional connections.

In addition, volunteers can deepen their connection with the country on a spiritual level through engaging in activities like evangelism and participating in Vacation Bible Schools organized by local churches. These endeavors not only enable volunteers to share their faith but also provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and understanding within the community.

Moreover, volunteers can contribute to the physical connection with the country by actively participating in construction and maintenance projects. These initiatives not only contribute to the improvement of infrastructures but also provide an avenue for volunteers to collaborate and work alongside community members, forging bonds and understanding their physical needs.

Overall, volunteers can connect with the children, staff, and country on different levels by engaging in emotional interactions, participating in spiritual activities, and actively contributing to physical projects. These multifaceted connections enhance the overall volunteer experience and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the community.

How are short-term mission trips tailored to the skills and abilities of the group?

Short-term mission trips are customized to align with the unique skills and abilities of each group participating. On a spiritual level, short-term mission trips focus on enabling the group to connect with local churches through various volunteer activities. Participants engage in evangelism efforts, facilitate Vacation Bible Schools, and partake in other relevant projects that allow them to actively contribute to the spiritual growth of the community.

Recognizing the physical needs of the community, short-term mission trips also may include construction and maintenance projects. These initiatives provide individuals in the group with an opportunity to utilize their practical skills to improve the local infrastructure. Activities such as building or repairing structures, creating sustainable solutions, and carrying out necessary maintenance tasks help foster a tangible connection on a physical level.

Overall, short-term mission trips are designed to ensure that the skills and abilities of the group are effectively utilized and matched with the specific needs of the community they are visiting. By tailoring the experience, participants can make a meaningful and impactful contribution while developing personal connections with the people they are serving.

"My trip with Coreluv shifted the lenses I look through. Orphan care is no longer an abstract concept."

–Brian, Coreluv Trip goer

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