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Haiti Update

Due to the current unrest in Haiti, we have paused trips to Haiti at this time.

If you are interested in a future short-term mission trip, please email missions@coreluv.org and let us know. We are working diligently to provide an avenue for short-term mission trips because we believe short-term trips lead to long-term commitments to follow Jesus and Defend the Orphan.

Please join us in praying for the country of Haiti — for stability to return, for safety for the people, and for peace.

Coreluv is grateful to the Lord that what He has called us to, He is still doing! All of the children entrusted to Coreluv continue to receive their six basic needs and the LUV of Jesus through our compassionate Haitian team.

How will you Defend the Orphan?

By laying down your time, money and talent to go and to love “the least of these”, you become an expression of God’s love for them. We welcome and encourage people with a passion for the nations and a love for the poor. Will you join us? 

Available Dates

Check out our list of available trip dates, join a trip, or make a donation toward a trip!

Types of Trips

We currently have trips to our Coreluv Children’s Villages in Myan, Haiti, Maissade, Haiti, and medical trips to the same two locations.

Trips to South Asia are coming soon!

We’re excited for all God is doing through our feeding centers and partnerships in South Asia. We will be making trips available very soon.

For more information about trips to South Asia please contact us at missions@coreluv.org.

Available Dates

Check out our list of available trip dates, join a trip, or make a donation toward a trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

The first question you are probably asking yourself is, “What can I expect?” Imagine your heart connecting with a child longing for attention and affection. Then it hits you; these orphan children have given you a greater understanding of LUV than you may have given them. This adventure allows our teams to serve in orphanages and community feeding programs throughout Haiti, including Myan and Maissade. Groups can connect with and minister to orphans and locals in the nearby village who need love and compassion.

That is just the beginning!  When we say your life will never be the same, we mean it! Be prepared to have your heart overwhelmed with LUV!

We know you probably have lots of questions, so we have tried to include the most frequently asked questions below.


Individual Rates (In-country price based on a 5 night/6 day trip)
$800 per person
*A non-refundable deposit of $50 per person is required to hold selected dates to travel. Groups of 5 people or more must submit a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold selected dates. The price includes a $100 COVID testing fee.

Coreluv is deeply committed to seeing families work, worship, and serve together on the mission field. If your family is looking for a place to serve and grow together, you have found an incredible opportunity. Please note: families of five or more will need to complete the online application and submit a $50 non-refundable deposit for each family member traveling.

*Coreluv Refund Policy: All individuals may be eligible for a refund of any funds paid directly to Coreluv by the traveler (less their deposit) 30 days prior to your scheduled departure date. The refund will only cover ground transportation, lodging, and food. All funds paid to a third party are not refundable (i.e., insurance, background checks, etc.).

*Funding Requirements:
• 50% funding is due 90 days from departure (A loss of reserved trip dates will occur if payment is not received by 45 days from departure.)
• Remaining funding is due 45 days from departure.

Price includes in-country transportation/drivers, translators, security, lodging, and two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) once you arrive in Haiti and until you depart.


Airfare ranges from $600-$1000 depending on the time of year and how far in advance tickets are purchased. Participants are responsible for purchasing their flights. We ask that all participants use American Airlines. Specific flight information will be given for the flights arriving and departing from Haiti. Travelers are required to purchase flights according to the specifications (arrival and departure times) given by Coreluv. The cooperation of travelers when purchasing flights helps us to ensure the safety of groups and individuals traveling with Coreluv. Coreluv reserves the right to refuse any individual or group that does not honor the flight specifications given when trips are being coordinated.


An approved background check is required before you can take a trip with Coreluv. The safety of our children, staff, team members and even yourself is of our utmost importance! With that, we require everyone 16 years and older complete a background check.

Approval of your trip is contingent on your background check. Please note, should you not be approved, the deposit is non-refundable to cover administrative fees associated with the background check. We appreciate your understanding.


There is a $10 tourist fee each traveler is required to pay at the airport in Port au Prince, Haiti before going through customs. Prior to your trip, you will receive more information regarding where and how this payment can be made.

It is not customary for Haitians to serve lunch so participants are encouraged to bring snacks (granola/protein bars, crackers, etc.) that can be packed in a backpack to have available during the middle of the day.

Depending on the type of trip you commit to, you will be responsible for any supplies you need (sports equipment, craft supplies, medical supplies, etc.). Additional costs such as travel insurance, additional luggage fees, project supplies, and food on travel days should be considered.


Dorm-style accommodations will be provided. Bedding, pillows and towels will be provided. Each participant will have their own bed with guys and girls having separate sleeping quarters. To ensure your safety, Coreluv housing is gated and surrounded by a security wall.


Coreluv provides breakfast and dinner for all participants. Individuals are encouraged to bring their own snacks or food for lunch. All meals are freshly prepared by our cooking staff and are served from our facilities. Haitian food is delicious and typically include oatmeal, bread, fruit, rice, beans, and vegetable sides.

To ensure your safety, Coreluv will not provide or allow food from street vendors. Because of Haiti’s tropical climate, you will have the opportunity to eat fresh fruit like bananas, pineapple, mangos, avocado and other delicious produce. If you are unwilling or unable to eat the food we provide, please feel free to bring food and/or snacks that will be more conducive to your diet.


Because Coreluv cannot guarantee the safety of local water, filtered water will always be available at Coreluv facilities and should be used for drinking and brushing your teeth.


Outlets in Haiti operate on the same voltage as the US. It is recommended that participants coordinate and bring hair dryers, etc. to share in order to reduce unnecessary luggage.


Coreluv international advises that you read and become familiar with the Health Information for Travelers to Haiti guide. The recommended medications include antimalarial and diarrhea medication. The CDC also provides safety information and recommends vaccinations for travel to Haiti, which include: MMR, DPT, Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid.


There are a variety of opportunities to serve when you step into the day-to-day life of the orphan. Vacation Bible schools, sports camps, medical clinics and building projects are all potential areas where people can come and serve. There is no skill or talent too small for God to use.


Each trip is unique in its own special way. It will vary depending on the focus of the chosen projects as well as the personality and giftings of each individual. We allow God to direct our time while trying to also balance the goals of teams.

A daily schedule might look like the following:
• 7:30am Breakfast
• 8:30am Depart for Orphanage
• 1:00pm Return to Guest Housing
• 2:30pm Depart for Orphanage
• 5pm Return to Guest Housing for the evening


• One nice outfit for church
• Modest shorts, tank tops and t-shirts (laundry service is available)
• Closed-toe shoes for walking/hiking
• Flip flops or sandals (for walking to and from showers, etc.)
• Modest swim wear

Miscellaneous Supplies
• Current US passport
• Black or blue pen for completing travel documents
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Hat or bandana to keep the sun off your face and neck
• Insect repellent (bug spray) with 30%-50% DEET
• Hand sanitizer and wet wipes
• Refillable water bottle
• Medications (anti-malarial, Cipro, or any other regular meds)
• Personal toiletries (including toilet paper for when we travel)
• Snacks (anything you may want to have outside of meals Coreluv will provide)
• Cash (to be used for souvenirs and/or meals while traveling to and from Haiti)
• Small backpack

*We encourage travelers to pack lightly and use only a carry-on bag if possible.

What to leave at home
• Jewelry
• Computers, iPads, and other valuable electronics


We believe the best way to handle catastrophe is to plan ahead, so that it never gets a chance to happen! For this reason, we have implemented rules and travel guidelines that are safety focused and will be reviewed with teams upon their arrival in Haiti.

Medical Emergencies
Coreluv leaders are aware of the emergency hospital/clinic protocol for the country they are serving. Communication with emergency contacts is initiated for serious situations requiring the input and evaluation of certified medical staff.

Natural Disasters
The responsibility of leading mission teams includes the research and review of previous weather history and forecasted weather expectations. Unstable locations are flagged and trips to these areas during natural disasters will only be for specialized teams.

Stateside Emergencies
The quickest way to get a response is to email info@coreluv.org with details of the emergency and a phone number to call. Coreluv leaders in Haiti will be contacted immediately so that phone calls between Haiti and the US can be quickly arranged.

"My trip with Coreluv shifted the lenses I look through. Orphan care is no longer an abstract concept."

Brian – Coreluv International Trip Goer

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